Strappado Armbinder

I recently was asked to assist in a photo shoot in Houston Texas.

Model (Instagram - sweet_amber_xoxo) bound in strappado armbinder.
Model (Instagram – sweet_amber_xoxo) bound in strappado armbinder.


















Here is another image:

Amber in Strappado Armbinder, image by Mark Richard Hudson
Amber in Strappado Armbinder, image by Mark Richard Hudson, bondage by felixdartmouth




















I had been interested to try a shibari strappado armbinder that I had seen described in the following YouTube video:

I found this video interesting because of the “fast” nature of the tie and the difference between this method of executing a shibari strappado and other methods that I have been taught.  Notice that Moco Jute describes this as a tie for persons with “limited flexibility”.

A common element in this tie described in the Moco Jute video and the tie I did for the shibari shooting is the single column tie to start the tie at the wrists, behind the back, but it quickly departs in method from that point.  4 – 5 wraps are made around the arms and then secured over the shoulders and behind the neck.  From that point, the line is simply used to gather the line between the arms, pulling them together.  Having practiced this only once before the image above, I ran into problems with having a band near the bottom’s “funny bone” and my partner and I had to consequently quit the tie.

In the case of the model Amber, her arms and elbows were very surprisingly flexible.  Her elbows and forearms could easily touch behind her back so after the horizontal bands were made around her arms, the loops between the arms, gathering the bands pulled her arms completely together and hardly left room for inserting additional loops.  As you can see, the tie is extremely strict and restrictive.

There are many women for whom a classic takate kote is not accessible for various physical reasons, but there is no reason why they should be deprived of the tight and fulfilling bondage experience that they and their partners desire.

Please feel free to comment below your own experiences.